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Δ information & announcements
come on in to find everything you ever needed to know about teeth lost, hearts won. we're a literate, advanced, traditional warriors site based in an original forest. it's probably a good idea to read everything in here; you never know what you might find out. this board also contains any site announcements and events, so check in here regularly!

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5 0 Aug 27 2014, 12:28 PM
In: 007. JCINK: A HOW-TO

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Δ character creation
come in here to get the ball rolling. you'll find all the relevant information for creating your character in the handy links to the right! remember to follow the form and give it your best shot. the most important thing, however, is to remember we follow only a traditional naming scheme.

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6 11 Aug 27 2014, 08:48 PM
Δ accepted characters
All the accepted characters will be in here, organised alphabetically by clan. high ranks will be pinned to the top of the forum! any deceased cats and abandoned characters will be stored within starclan.

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21 21 Aug 27 2014, 01:02 AM
Δ clan statistics
all of the important threads such as the clan allegiances, border patrol signups, etc will be stored here for future reference. make sure all of your claims are posted so you're up to date!

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11 0 May 23 2014, 11:46 AM
Δ character extras
In here, you'll find all the necessary forums to get your character started on teeth lost, hearts won: shippers, wanted ads, thread trackers, plot pages. if you want to post any one-shots or character development threads, this is the place for that, as well.

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28 18 Aug 27 2014, 06:31 PM
In: let's burn this city down

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Δ moorclan camp
The moorclan camp is situated on the low grounds to the south of the mountains. these fields house many species of grasses which grow tall enough to shield even the largest of warriors. the paths through the grassy plains have been tunnelled out through generations. the leader's den and the warriors' den are nestled inside a large crock of lavender bushes, so moorclan warriors always smell faintly flowery even when hunting or battling.

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Δ moorclan territories

moorclan warriors are excellent stalkers and hunters, and do most of their hunting at night. they creep through the long grass. leaders of patrols use their long tails to stick up above the grass, making sure no cat is left behind. moorclan warriors typically hunt fieldmice and other rodents, as well as birds that habitually make their nests on the plains.

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2 17 Aug 31 2014, 11:18 AM

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Δ breezeclan camp
On the rocky western side of the mountain sits breezeclan's camp. The wind is almost unending here and even in the dead of night the howling of the breezes around the mountains can be heard. many small mammals and rodents can be found up in the hardier climates, along with plenty of other predators like foxes and bears. the leader's den is situated beneath a large fallen tree, while the other dens are made from rocky outcrops or small caves.

1 5 Aug 26 2014, 01:48 PM
Δ breezeclan territories
The breezeclan territories, being on the most exposed side of the mountain, are the only ones to really experience deep snows during the winter. there is a large mirror lake in the middle of the territory, full of fresh water that's trickled across from streamclan's rivers. despite being the most dangerous territory, it is the most plentiful in terms of hunting and herbs, and breezeclanners will never go hungry.

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Δ streamclan camp
streamclan's territories are arguably the most temperate. the forests are foggy with mist, and there's always a chance of sunshowers. streamclanners will eat anything they get their paws on, but their favourite meal is fish; they are all adept at fishing from apprenticehood. the dens in the streamclan camp are arranged around a thin ankle-deep stream, with the leader and medicine cat's dens on one half, and everyone else on the other.

1 1 Aug 30 2014, 12:07 PM
Δ streamclan territories
streamclan territories are sunny and warm during the day, but the lifting fog from the water gives these forests an eerie glow during the night. streamclan generally try to get everything done while the sun is up, and stay well away from the dangerous snakes and barracuda that lurk near the streams in the dark. many streams have crossing stones which warriors use to deftly jump across, though it's not uncommon to hear a screeching yowl as somecat falls into the water.

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3 18 Aug 28 2014, 10:54 AM

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Δ streamclan / moorclan border
the border between streamclan and moorclan is where the short grass and flowers of the mountain territories peter out into the long grasses of the plains. this border is not very obvious, so both clans mark it daily in order to maintain superiority. it's common to see streamclanners sitting by watery pools and moorclan tails above the grass, patrolling vigilantly.

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Δ breezeclan / streamclan border
streamclan and breezeclan share the mountain in roughly half and their border is the least battle-scarred. the breezeclan territory is too rough for the soft-footed streamclanners; breezeclanners find they have everything they need already and do not seek to gain more. minor scuffles about marking or prey are about all that happens.

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Δ moorclan / breezeclan border
moorclan and breezeclan are the most actively warlike of the clans, and their joint border is always a place of frantic activity. more than a few fights break out here each moon, with at least one major battle. moorclan patrols are on edge for the slightest sound, while breezeclanners are put off by the sickly-sweet scent of lavender permeating the air.

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The land at the bottom of the mountain, towards the western side - heading towards breezeclan territory - is generally assumed to be neutral by most of the clans. It's technically in moorclan territory, and they can get a little iffy about other warriors passing through their lands, especially if they don't ask for permission first. however, they will honour the warrior code and allow it if asked. gatherings are held at the dry clearing.

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Δ clanless territories
Anywhere the clan's influence doesn't stretch, the clanless cats make their homes. The Twolegs town is at least two days' walk, but kittypets still make their way, following the river, to settle in the mountains. There are some twolegs cabins in the mountains which sometimes house cats. Breezeclan finds its open lands make for good hiding places for rogues. Much of moorclan's expansive territory is home to loners, though they get chased out if they're discovered.

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Δ advertisements
this board is guest friendly. we don't allow advertising anywhere else on our forum, so come in here to plug yourself to your heart's content. please post in the correct subforums. we only accept affiliates from active feline & canine sites!

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288 2 Sep 22 2015, 09:50 PM
In: One Piece - No Man's Story
By: NewWorld
Δ out of character
play games, rant about school, chat with friends, introduce yourself. do whatever the hell you want to here, it's yours to use. there's some forum games to be played in-character, so make sure you use the right account. if not, there's always the handy jcink function to edit your post and change the account!

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3 2 Aug 26 2014, 08:27 PM
In: click on this if you love me
Δ away notices
if you're going away for any extended period of time, it's probably best to let us know, just so we don't die of exhaustion from crying over you. school committments, adventures and travel, sickness, work, or even just a lack of muse are all totally acceptable excuses, so long as we know where you've gone!

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everything that's happened in the site so far will be put in here for viewing only. dead threads, as well as inactive applications and finished threads, will be organised inside. if you need anything retrieved from the archives, get the link and send it via personal message to a mod or admin to have it reinstated to its former glory.


92 152 Jul 15 2014, 12:48 AM
In: Watch out for spilt melk

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